What We Do

Doctor For Animals is a Network of Veterinary Doctors
coming together to offer
Reliable and Accessible Healthcare Services

Network of Expert Vets

The Doctor For Animals network includes vets with average experience of 5+ years and Expertizing in various species including
Dogs, Cats, Birds to Cows, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat and even Elephants and Wildlife

Latest Technology

We have used the latest technology to build tools to augment and boost your veterinary practice. The tools include
Medicine Dose Calculators, Drug-Disease Indexes and Discussion Forums

Connect with the customer in just 1 click!

We offer healthcare solutions for Companion Animals (Pets) and Production Animals (Cattle). Doctor For Animals app connects you with customers with pets and small animals, and large animals on Doctor For Animals app.

Free Advanced tools to boost your practice!

The Doctor For Animals app comes inbuilt with Medicine Calculators as well as Drug and Disease indexes

The Advanced tools are available for all vets, even those who do not choose to be part of the Doctor For Animals network. So download the app today.

Medicine Dose Calculator

Calculate dosage volumes by weight, rate and concentration

Fluid Therapy Calculator

Calculate Drip Rate, Maintenance Rate, Fluid Deficit, Total Fluid Requirement

Disease Index

List of Diseases detailing Species, Symptoms and Description

Drug Index

List of Drugs sorted by Systems and detailing Action, Specie wise dosage, Indication, Adverse Reaction and Presentation

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